Snyder & Jock's Punishing Dark Knight Is Going To Kill Bruce Wayne

Scott Snyder's next Dark Knight supervillain isn't just a nightmare for Bruce Wayne or a subtle mash-up. The new foe arriving in he and Jock's The Batman Who Laughs series is also the next step in the super story Snyder began in Dark Nights: Metal alongside another frequent artistic collaborator, Greg Capullo.

"It stands on its own the way that Metal did and that Justice League might arc-by-arc, but it still will build to what we're going to be doing in Justice League Dark and Justice League Odyssey," the writer explained to CBR. The November-launching six-issue series will not only follow up on last year's mega-event, but it will also introduce the latest Dark Knight from the so-called Dark Multiverse: a Batman who is more than ready to kill.

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"It's about The Batman Who Laughs still being here and deciding he's going after something in Gotham," Snyder said. "He's brought a new Dark Knight with him, which is one of the ones I've wanted to use for a long time. These characters are all Batman's worst nightmares about himself. I believe very strongly in his code of non-lethal force. We've never broken that with our version of him, and I think one of his worst nightmares would be, 'What happens when I go down that path?'

"This Batman is sort of like the Punisher Batman," the writer said with a laugh. "He comes in with this huge arsenal and is the deadliest shot in the world. He's like the Deadly Dark Knight. The Punisher is awesome, but the Punisher is also kind of broke a lot of the time. He's always driving around in a van.

However, The Batman Who Laughs will be on hand to bankroll this new threat as well as twist him to his own ends. "The Batman Who Laughs is Bruce Wayne, and he has billions of dollars," Snyder said. "He doesn't even need a gun to kill you. He might have joints in the pipes of your walls of an apartment building made by Wayne Enterprises, and he just pushes a button, and you'll die without even knowing what happened."

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