Dark Horse's "Star Wars" Titles Debut From Marvel On ComiXology

Just over a week into the new year, Marvel Comics has offered up a wave of collected "Star Wars" comics produced by Dark Horse for sale on comiXology.

Carried under the "Star Wars Debut" heading, 15 collections went live this week. The titles are mostly Omnibus offerings of whole series or long runs including the entire "Dark Empire" saga, "Knights of the Old Republic" and the original "Star Wars" titles produced by Marvel in the 1980s. The titles appear to be replicas of the Dark Horse editions with a small Marvel logo and the new "Legends" branding added onto the covers.

This move comes just ahead of the debut of Marvel's new ongoing "Star Wars" monthly comic and just weeks after Dark Horse wrapped their time with the license by offering a massive sale of their titles through their own digital platform. Previously, Marvel had announced a series of print editions for Dark Horse "Legends" material starting in April with the Darth Vader-focused "The Empire."

Stay tuned for more on Marvel's "Star Wars" plans on CBR.

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