Dark Horse to resume two series

While PAX was making the big convention news this week, translator and blogger John Thomas stopped by the Portland, Oregon, anime con Kumoricon to catch the Dark Horse panel, and he bagged a scoop: Editors Carl Gustav Horn and Philip Simon announced that Dark Horse is bringing back two series that have been on hiatus for a while, Eden: It's an Endless World and MPD-Psycho.

While the past two years have been tough ones for manga publishers in general, Dark Horse has been sending out signals lately that they are doing OK, most notably on their Facebook last month. In that post, they asked readers to tell them which manga they wanted to see, and apparently a consensus was reached. It doesn't hurt that both titles made the very first New York Times "graphic books" best-seller list back in 2009, a feat that caused some puzzlement among manga readers, as neither has the sort of widespread appeal that lands series like Naruto and Black Butler on the list. While they are notorious for the slowness of their releases, Dark Horse does eventually deliver the goods, and Thomas noted that fans at the con were happy about the recent return of Bride of the Water God, which had disappeared for a while, and Dark Horse's plans to release a volume of Gantz, a month for the next few months. Simon encouraged fans to lobby for the return of their favorites by e-mailing the company or commenting on their Facebook.

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