Dark Horse to release Rage video-game prequel

Dark Horse is teaming with developer id Software and video-game publisher Bethesda Softworks for a miniseries based on Rage, the first-person shooter set for release in September.

Debuting on June 22, the three-issue series is written by Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi) and penciled by Andrea Mutti (DMZ), with covers by Glenn Fabry (Hellblazer, Preacher). Rage creative director Tom Willits will oversee the title.

Set before the events of the game, the comic is described as presenting "a new twist on the post-apocalyptic near future as one woman discovers that the survival of humankind doesn't necessarily mean the survival of humanity." In Rage, Earth has been devastated by a collision with an asteroid, leaving a fraction of the population to survive in live-sustaining Arks buried deep beneath the surface. When they emerge, they discover a wasteland controlled by a military dictatorship called the Authority, which has lied about this apocalypse came to be.

See the full Fabry cover after the break.

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