Dark Horse To Offer 25-cent "Trigun" Issue

Official Press Release

The Trigun sensation is sweeping America! With its conflicted characters, frantic action,offbeat humor, and a style that defies age barriers, Trigun has dominated the world ofanime and manga. This February, Dark Horse is giving fans the best of both worlds withthe 25-cent, 24-page comic, Wolfwood. An introduction to the second volume of theTrigun anime manga series, this comic will bridge the gap between manga and anime,two of the biggest phenomena in American popular culture.

This special introductory issue will also be an excellent outreach tool for comic shopslooking to attract young fans to their stores and can serve as a promotional item at movietheaters, video stores, and local anime shows. Because the comic is based on digitalgrabs of the mega popular anime, it should be an excellent gateway from the animemedium to the world of manga.

This 25-cent, right-to-left reading comic centers on Wolfwood, one of the two mostprominent characters in Trigun and Vash the Stampede's foil. With his negative view ofhumanity and gigantic cross-like gun, Wolfwood the fighting priest is far from docile.Will Wolfwood ever understand Vash's desire to never kill another human? Will he beable to protect our red-coated hero from getting himself killed? Wolfwood asks thequestions that will be answered in Volume 2 of Dark Horse's Trigun anime manga series,coming February 23.

Trigun anime manga Wolfwood is available February 9 for 25 cents! Edited by TimErvin.

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