Dark Horse: Thanks for buying! What do you want next?

Good news from Dark Horse: according to the latest post on their Facebook, the publisher is having "one of its best years ever" and gives readers full credit:

We know there are illegal copies of our books available, but hope you understand that our editions are professionally translated, taken from the original creator files, and carefully tailored by the best in the industry.

Every time a reader chooses to purchase our volumes over stealing them online, American manga remains healthy.

They even acknowledge that they tend to be slow with their releases (Dark Horse is notorious for this) but they're working on it. But this is what really caught my eye:

We’re currently at a very important point in our company. We know more adult and violent titles like Gantz, Beserk and The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service are beloved by mature readers, yet we’re proud to publish cross-appeal titles like Trigun and Neon Genesis Evangelion as well. But now the question is – What’s next?

They're actually asking that question of readers, and they seem to be serious: "So tell us what you want to see, and we promise to look into the most popular licenses and bring them to American audiences in the coming months." The readers oblige with some interesting responses in comments, but what I'm wondering is whether Dark Horse, which has made a pretty good go of selling manga to the more traditional comics-shop crowd, is contemplating a change in direction.

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