Dark Horse teases something by Geof Darrow, we think

Dark Horse has emailed us three teaser images over the last few days that we* think were drawn by the great Geof Darrow. Here's the first one, a black and white close-up of someone's head we received yesterday:

Then these two showed up in our in-box today:

They look very Darrow-esque, for sure, and ComicsAlliance's Caleb Goellner seems to agree. Based on the subject matter I wonder if maybe he's doing a Conan project ... or simply something creator-owned. Hopefully we'll know soon.

Darrow's previous work at Dark Horse includes Hard Boiled and Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, both with Frank Miller. I can't remember when we last saw an issue of Shaolin Cowboy, his comic from Burlyman Entertainment.

*By we I mean me and Sean T. Collins.

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