Dark Horse offers 'El Zombo' this April

Official Press Release

In the vein of classic stories like My Bodyguard or Angel On My Shoulder, comes El Zombo, a story of the unlikely friendship between a temperamental undead luchadore wrestler and an equally difficult 10-year-old girl from East LA.

Pro wrestling champ El Zombo gets a second lease on life after being unceremoniously murdered in a back alley for refusing to take a dive in the ring. Zombo is catapulted to the Afterworld where he learns he's destined to go straight to hell! He is offered the opportunity to go to Heaven if he accepts a guardian angel mission to return to Earth to protect a troubled little girl, Belisa Montoya, from a horrible event about to happen to her. He accepts, at first returning for selfish reasons of revenge, but soon finds himself at a crossroads, forced to choose between his own vengeance and saving the life of this girl he now deeply cares for!

"Mike Richardson's commitment to great stories and art are the reason El Zombo is here with Dark Horse," commented writer Kevin Munroe. " I am so proud of the way this book turned out - Dave Wilkins and (cover artist) Tony Washington's art is a breath of fresh air in this industry, and I can't wait for everyone to tell me how right I was!"

"Thanks to Big Mike, and everyone at Dark Horse for being there at every step and to everyone who gives Zombo a peek," enthused artist Dave Wilkins. " It took a long time to get here and we're planning on stickin' around for awhile!"

El Zombo is a three issue miniseries by newcomers Dave Wilkins (artist and co-creator) and Kevin Munroe (writer and co-creator). Issue #1 arrives April 21 with a retail price of $2.99.

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