Dark Horse Offers "Barb Wire" Variant for Marvel's "Star Wars" #1 Covers

In a move reminiscent of Marvel Comics' promotion of "Siege" in 2010, Dark Horse Comics has announced a program offering retailers the chance to trade in covers from unsold copies of "Star Wars" #1 for a special variant cover edition of the upcoming "Barb Wire" #1.

The press release also touts a promotion which will support the upcoming "King Tiger" miniseries by awarding a fan with a full-grown Bengal tiger.

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This being April Fool's day, the latter promotion is certainly a joke. When reached by CBR News for more information about the variant program, Dark Horse reiterated the promise in its press release to provide more information in the weeks ahead.

Official Press Release

Dark Horse's number-one bounty hunter, Barb Wire, is back, and even more audacious! She's ready to take no prisoners, and to celebrate her return, Dark Horse is offering retailers a special opportunity to get their hands on a rare variant cover.

For every twenty covers of Marvel's standard Star Wars #1 that retailers send to Dark Horse, they'll get an ultra-rare Barb Wire #1 variant by Adam Hughes for FREE, with a clear message: don't f*** with Barb Wire.

Additionally, in a related promotion for the recently announced King Tiger miniseries, Dark Horse is planning to present a fully grown Bengal tiger to one lucky fan. The tiger, whose name is King (naturally), is a three-year-old male, nine feet, nine inches in length, and weighs approximately 470 pounds. (Please note: tiger refuses to wear crown.)

Look for more information on both these promotions in the coming weeks!

Barb Wire #1

Chris Warner (W)

Patrick Olliffe (P), Tom Nguyen (I)

Adam Hughes (Cover)

On sale in July

King Tiger #1

Randy Stradley (W)

Doug Wheatley (A/Cover)

On sale in August

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