Dark Horse offers All-Ages "Manga Darkchylde" in February

Official Press Release

Randy Queen isn't good at keeping secrets. He's got to let this oneout of the bag: This February's Manga Darkchylde #1 will be shippingwith an alternate back cover.

In addition to the wraparound cover featuring the new incarnation ofDarkchylde, half of the print run will be a variant back cover edition, which features aclassic Darkchylde, manga Darkchylde team up! Instead of an ad on the back cover, this unique promotional tool provides retailers, new readers, and hardcore fans with a special 2 for 1 bonus!

"The cool thing about having an alternate back cover with ClassicDarkchylde meeting Manga Darkchylde is that it's in addition to the regular front cover art. With either edition of this even 50/50 split, you're still getting two pieces of art insteadof only one. It's fun, and anytime you can do something new andcreative with your marketing, I think it should be explored," saysDarkchylde creator Randy Queen. "It's something that should makeclassic Darkchylde fans very happy. It's a neat way of passing thetorch to a new generation, and we hope comic readers and retailers willbe receptive and happy with additional value and art, instead of a traditional back cover ad."

Manga Darkchylde #1 will be available February 9, 2005 for a retailprice of $2.99.

Retailers take note: Manga Darkchylde #1 is now available for reorderthrough Diamond Comic Distributors (order code: DEC040013).

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