Dark Horse Maverick marks third year with big book collection

Official Press Release

Dark Horse Maverick is entering its third year as the high-quality comics imprint that houses Dark Horse Comics' top creator-owned comics titles. To help celebrate thi s landmark occasion, Dark Horse Maverick editor Diana Schutz decided to "upgrade" the imprint's annual anthology of short comic stories from a single-issue comic-book to a big, 96-page book collection.

Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings contains 15 all new story contributions from a wide variety of acclaimed comics talent, including James Kolchaka, Frank Miller, Tony Millionaire, Brian Michael Bendis, Peter Kuper, Harvey Pekar and Joe Sacco, Craig Thomson, Gilbert Austin, Farel Dalrymple, Sam Keith, Jim Mahfood, Leland Myrick, Jason Hall and Sam Kindt, and Mike Mignola. The cover for Happy Endings is a collaborative piece by Frank Miller and colorist Lynn Varley.

Maverick editor Diana Schutz explained the origins of the Maverick anthology this way:

"At (fellow editor) Chris Warner's suggestion, this year's Maverick anthology morphed from a 48-page comic to a 96-page book - which meant more contributors and, therefore, more varied kinds of contributions (and a lot more fun for me as editor!).

"At some point we also decided to come up with a theme for a title, and we came up with Happy Endings, which covers a lot of bases - and which, by the way, I flagrantly ripped off! But to get that story, you'll have to pick up the anthology itself!"

Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings is a full-color, 96-page graphic novel collection, on sale in September.

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