Dark Horse Releases Official Hellboy Universe Timeline

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Dark Horse Comics has officially provided the definitive timeline for Mike Mignola’s Hellboy “Mignola-verse”.

The near 30-year-old timeline clears up any lingering confusion brought on by years of abundant story arcs, spinoffs and contradictory reading orders or explanations.

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The timeline, which was provided to Syfy Wire, began with a quick note from the longtime publisher.

“Beginning with the publication of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1 in 1994, the world encapsulating Hellboy, Liz Sherman, and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense has expanded to more than 70 volumes of unique stories," the excerpt reads. "From ancient dragons to sea witches, demons in Hell and countless mythical monsters, Hellboy’s adventures have grown for 25 years and counting.”

The official timeline incorporates all the earlier prequel series such as Sir Edward Grey in Witchfinder in the late 19th century, and the violent, pulp hero vigilante Lobster Johnson, who was fighting crime and the supernatural in the Great Depression and into World War II. The entity who would be named Hellboy doesn’t appear until 1944 when he is summoned by Rasputin and his Nazi forces for Project Ragna Rok in their attempt to change the direction of the war.

Instead of bringing the apocalypse his appearance had prophesized, Hellboy was raised by the founder of the B.P.R.D, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, like any normal child. In 1952, Hellboy gained honorary human status from the United Nations and began to investigate, and, if necessary, battle the occult and supernatural as a member of the B.P.R.D.

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The timeline, which goes all the way up to 2017, properly details Hellboys’ history, but also incorporates the histories for other notable characters such as Liz Sherman, Abraham Sapien, Johann Kraus and others, such as Roger the homunculus or villains like the Black Flame, the goddess Hecate or Nimue, the Blood Queen.

2019 is already shaping to be a big year for Mike Mignola’s now-iconic character. Dark Horse has declared March 23, 2019 as the inaugural Hellboy Day and the Neil Marshall-directed reboot starring Stranger Things' David Harbour is scheduled for release a few weeks later.

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