Dark Horse Announces Disney Frozen: Reunion Road Comic Series

Dark Horse Comics has announced a new comic book miniseries spinning out of the popular Disney animated film Frozen, as well as the release date for the collected volume of the publisher's first Frozen comic series.

Debuting in March, the upcoming miniseries Frozen: Reunion Road will be written by Joe Caramagna, illustrated by Eduardo Francisco and Eduard Petrovich, colored by Nastia Beloushova and Yana Chinstova and lettered Comicraft. The first issue is expected to go on sale March 6.

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The three-issue miniseries will follow Anna and Elsa after the sisters are invited to a harvest festival in the faraway Kingdom of Snoob. Once there, the girls discover Kai has a long-lost brother in the distant kingdom and set out to reunite the two siblings.

Caramagna wrote the previous Dark Horse Frozen miniseries, Frozen: Broken Boundaries, illustrated by the Kawaii Creative Studio. The title concluded this past October and will receive a paperback collection on January 29.

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Frozen: Reunion Road #1 is written by Joe Caramagna and illustrated by Eduardo Francisco and Eduard Petrovich. It is scheduled to go on sale on March 6 from Dark Horse Comics.

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