Dark Horse Delays "Buffy" Spinoff "Drusilla" Indefinitely

Fan favorite "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" character Drusilla may be back next week in the pages of Dark Horse's "Angel & Faith" series, but the announced mini series reuniting the character with her on screen actress Juliet Landau won't be coming on its heels.

As originally picked up on Bleeding Cool, Dark Horse has delayed the series indefinitely. When reached for a statement, a representative for the publisher had this to say: "The previously announced 'Drusilla' mini series has been delayed due to unavoidable scheduling issues. We will have an update on the series status in the near future. Dark Horse will be canceling all existing orders but will resolicit the series at the appropriate time. We do apologize, but can promise both fans and retailers that there will be more news on new mini-series featuring some of the other beloved characters from the Buffy and Angelverse soon."

The "Drusilla" series was announced with fanfare through Entertainment Weekly, and shortly after, Landau spoke with CBR saying the project was set to spin directly out of current issues of "Angel & Faith" as the actress explained "Scott [Allie] and I have been talking about this for quite some time -- ruminating and planning and finally doing it."

As for when that finally will come, stay tuned to CBR for more on the project as it becomes available.

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