Dark Horse to Publish Minecraft Graphic Novel

Dark Horse Comics announced on Monday that they are partnering with Mojang and Microsoft Studios for a graphic novel based on the popular sandbox world-building game Minecraft.

The graphic novel, called Minecraft Volume One, is the first official, licensed publication to take place in the world of the best-selling game, though fan-made comics have been written and disseminated online for years.

Dark Horse's announcement comes ahead of New York Comic Con and MINECON Earth and is the first in a multi-project agreement among the three companies.

"We are very excited at the prospect of bringing Minecraft to comics," said Dark Horse President Mike Richardson. "The world of Minecraft is vast with countless stories to tell."

Richardson also addressed the involvement of his new business partners. "We look forward to working with the great people at Mojang AB and Microsoft to bring these stories to its enormous fan base," he said.

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Lydia Winters, chief brand officer of Mojang AB, expressed her enthusiasm for joining forces with Dark Horse. "We can't wait to follow the incredible imaginations that Dark Horse's comic creators will bring to the world of Minecraft," she said.

Minecraft Volume One will be written by Sfé R. Monster, writer of The Beyond Anthology and Seven Stories from the Sea. It will be drawn by artist Sarah Graley, known for Kim Reaper: Vampire Island and Our Super Adventure. Lettering will be handled by John J. Hill, who worked on Superman and Bedtime Games.

The plot centers on Tyler and his friends, who are seeking the ultimate challenge within the world of Minecraft. Their quest leads them to the End to face the Ender Dragon.

Minecraft Volume One goes on sale summer 2019.

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