Dark Horse, Chaos! and others join together for tribute book

A coalition of comic book publishers is banding together to create a graphic novel reflecting on last week's tragic attack on the United States.

Dark Horse Comics editor Scott Allie told CBR News they've joined forces with Chaos! Comics, who was working on a similar project, to create one book that will raise money for relief efforts. Joining them in the benefit project are Image Comics, Oni Press and Top Shelf Comics.

The comic will feature positive, 1-5 page stories, pinups and comic strips. The book will not feature fantasy or superhero stories. Instead it will deal with a real world look at the September 11 attack and similar events that have occurred around the world in the past.

Allie said that one goal of the book is to get the industry to work together in a positive manner.

"We want to show the country and the world that the comics industry can cooperate in a meaningful and selfless way," Allie said.

Marie Croall, who's spearheading the effort from the Chaos! Comics side, told CBR News Friday that they are welcoming interest from comic book creators.

"We want this to be as big as it can be," said Croall. "Our goal is to raise money for the American Red Cross and give the attention to this matter that it really deserves."

Croall said that the project has already garnered over 100 offers from various industry pros. However, a list of creators is not yet ready for release.

Diamond Distribution has already agreed to support the project with a major ad in the catalog and distribute the book for free. Wizard Magazine has also committed to providing coverage for the book.

The graphic novel is tentatively due out in January.

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