Dark Horse Cancels Brian Wood Aliens Series After Misconduct Accusations

Following accusations of predatory behavior from ComicsAlliance founder Laura Hudson, Dark Horse Comics has canceled comic writer Brian Wood's upcoming Aliens Colonial Marines: Rising Threat series and said it will not work with him on future comics.

The publisher issued a statement to The Beat on the new accusations, saying, "Effective immediately, Dark Horse will not pursue any new projects with Brian Wood. Dark Horse has cancelled the upcoming series Aliens Colonial Marines: Rising Threat."

Hudson alleges Wood "forced [her] into a kiss" at a bar. She added, "He texted me for weeks afterwards, telling me his wife didn’t understand him the way I did. Wanting me to come out and fuck him. I refused. I was scared. How the fuck are you supposed to react? I didn’t know what it meant to say no to my idol and I had no power at the time."

In late 2013, artist Tess Fowler also accused Wood of misconduct, saying he feigned interest in her work so as to initiate a sexual encounter. Fowler's Twitter thread stated he had "preyed on women for too long." Wood responded that he "did make a pass at her at SDCC Hyatt bar roughly 8 years ago... But when she declined, that was the conclusion of the matter for me. There was never a promise of quid pro quo, no exertion of power, no threats, and no revenge."

Wood currently works on several other titles for Dark Horse Comics. It is not clear at the time of writing what the publisher plans to do with those books.

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