Dark Horse Cancels Astro Hustle Amid Jai Nitz Misconduct Allegations

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After allegations of sexual assault surfaced against writer Jai Nitz over the weekend, Dark Horse Comics has canceled all upcoming issues of his miniseries Astro Hustle.

"Dark Horse takes all allegations seriously," a representative for the publisher wrote in a statement to CBR. "While we were unable to prevent our distributor's shipping of Astro Hustle #2, we are also suspending our professional ties with Jai Nitz."

The allegations against Nitz came to light after a former student at the University of Kansas wrote about  an alleged incident that occurred after the writer was a guest speaker at a journalism class at the school. During a meeting outside of the school, the student wrote that she was the subject of Nitz's unwanted advances and unwanted physical contact.

After the alleged incident was made public, Dark Horse launched an investigation into the allegations. While Astro Hustle #2 was already shipped out to meet its April 10 release date, the last two issues of the four-issue miniseries will not be published.

Astro Hustle is the second high-profile comic book series canceled after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against a member of its creative team. Last year, DC canceled the Vertigo series Border Town, after Eric M. Esquivel was accused of sexual assault and other abusive behavior.

The final issue of Nitz's current DC series, Suicide Squad: Black Files #6, is set to be released this week.

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