Dark Horse Brings Lone Wolf and Cub Deluxe Figures to the U.S.A.

Official Press Release

Lone Wolf and Cub, the long-running manga saga, has been acclaimed worldwide as one of the best graphic story creations of all time. Dark Horse Comics is pleased to announce that it has secured American and European distribution rights to two new, high-end collectible figures that each reflect the exceptional quality of this epic and award-winning series.

Produced by Mega House in Japan, these forthcoming (November) releases were created without cost in mind to achieve an unparalleled level of sophistication and detail. "We haven't seen posable figures of any sort that equal these," Dark Horse Product Development head David Scroggy observed, "and we are sure that the many thousands of readers of the series, not to mention figure collectors generally, will find them to be the best three-dimensional interpretations of the characters available. We salute Mega House for an exceptional effort."

Only 500 of the 12" (1/6 scale) figures are being produced for worldwide distribution, and Dark Horse has been awarded approximately 140 of these to sell in Europe and North America. It is unusual for any manufacturer to invest the very substantial monies required for tooling, sculpting, costume production and packaging on such a limited-run product line.

There are two figure sets available: "Lone Wolf" Ogami Itto, and his deadly rival, Yagyu. The Ogami figure comes complete with his "Cub," Daigoro, a detailed and fully-armed "babycart", a cloth banner with authentic calligraphy, costume accessories (sandals, hat, etc.), and an accurate selection of Ogami's swords and other samurai weapons as seen in the story.

The Ogami figure is hyper-articulated and represents the state of the art of both doll-making and action-figure construction. Both Ogami and Diagro are fully clothed in elaborate cloth costumes that are exactingly detailed and handmade for each figure. From the intricate folds of the kimonos to the loincloths underneath, these miniature costumes are impeccably and realistically recreated to accurately reflect the samuari clothing of feudal Japan. Yagyu is Ogami's adversary, the man who used murder and treachery to execute the events that led to Ogami's journey of revenge and redemption. This figure is similarly detailed, both in terms of its state-of-the-art articulation and ultra-detailed, handcrafted fabric costume. Yagyu comes with his trademark cane, sandals, eye patch, and an assortment of detailed weaponry. Each figure is packaged in a full-color window box for protection and display.

Dark Horse Comics is further enhancing those figures that it distributes. While supplies last, each figure ordered will come with a special gift - a previously unavailable hardcover, foil stamped edition of Lone Wolf & Cub #1. Each copy contains a bookplate with a never-before-seen Lone Wolf & Cub illustration and is personally autographed by the series writer, Kazuo Koike. Only 200 signed books will be created.

The Dark Horse Comics editions of Lone Wolf and Cub are consistently among the best- selling graphic novel releases currently being published by any English-language publisher. "We are very proud to be publishing one of the all-time classics of Japanese comics", Dark Horse Comics President Mike Richardson remarked. " Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima have created classic characters that have worked well in film and television, as well as print mediums. These figures conquer another medium just as decisively."

Source: Dark Horse Comics

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