EXCLUSIVE: Dark Horse Comics Reveals First Look at BANG! From [REDACTED]

Dark Horse Comics has given CBR an exclusive first look at an upcoming comic series called BANG!, but there's a lot of mystery surrounding the book at this time.

Wilfredo Torres (Black PantherMoon Knight) will illustrate the book, with Nayoung Kim coloring and Nate Piekos lettering. However, just who is writing the book isn't being revealed at this time. The press release gives a few hints, mainly that the book's writer has been in the industry for 20 years and is a "New York Times bestselling cartoonist."

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The press release, which is stylized, teases that espionage in the comic, as Agent Thomas Cord has mysteriously gone missing. You can read the stylized press release and see images from the book below:

(October 2, 2019)From the Office of the Bureau Chief

Agent Thomas Cord’s most recent communication was made from the open sea, after acquiring the asset. Our intel confirms that Cord was captured soon after his transmission was made. There is video footage of his capture, subsequent torture and eventual escape from his captors, but Agent Cord has not been seen since and he remains missing-in-action. We have, however, attained the paperback of The 18th Stigmata of Philip K. Verve that Cord was sent to recover.

For 20 years, person of interest and New York Times bestselling cartoonist REDACTED has been writing and illustrating creator-owned comic books and graphic novels like REDACTED , REDACTED ,and REDACTED . Our intel now confirms that REDACTED , acclaimed artist Wilfredo Torres, colorist Nayoung Kim and letterer Nate Piekos are actively working together, for the first time, on an all new project known at this time only as BANG! Transmissions will begin in spring of next year, on a monthly basis.

Little is currently known about BANG! This we suspect: science-fiction novelist Philip K Verve is the key to the entire thing. Goldmaze will not stop until he is terminated.

BANG! releases in 2020 from Dark Horse Comics.

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