Dark Horse Announces Upcoming "Serenity" Products!

Official Press Release

One of the most popular products released this year by Dark Horse Deluxe, the merchandise division of Dark Horse Comics, Inc., was the sculpted reproduction of the spaceship Serenity, from the Universal Studios film directed by Joss Whedon. An instant sell-out, the detailed ornament features two ways to display it: a traditional hook-and-eye device and a small base with a dowel that allows it to be placed on a flat surface.

Because of strong demand from collectors, Dark Horse now is planning a limited release of a variant ornament. This version will be titled "Serenity In Disguise", and depicts the ship as it looks when the crew finds it necessary to alter its appearance in order to pass as one of the evil Reavers' ships.

This will be a limited edition release with a production run based on advance orders. No further manufacturing will take place after the initial edition size is set. The cut-off date for these advance orders is March 1, 2007, to be released in May. No reorders will be honored, so Dark Horse advises retailers and consumers to order in a timely fashion, and to anticipate their long-term needs when doing so.

Additionally, the coming year will see the release of the first set of PVC features based on three of the movie's prominent characters. This set has been beautifully sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, and includes the heroic and handsome Captain Malcolm Reynolds, the rough, but loveable Jane, and the mysterious River Tam.

The Serenity PVC set arrives on sale May 16, 2007 carrying $17.99 price tag.

The limited edition Serenity variant ornament arrives on sale in May for $24.99 .

Look for more exciting Serenity products in the coming year, as well as a new comic series to be released in the fall.

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