Dark Horse announces "Star Wars" event, "Vector"

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Hot on the heels of the 30th anniversary of one of the most celebrated and revered storylines of all time, fans will have the first taste of what will be one of the biggest events to ever shake the Star Wars galaxy. Two years after Dark Horse ambitiously relaunched the entire Star Wars line of comics with the titles Knights of the Old Republic, Legacy, Rebellion, and Dark Times, comes the next chapter in the galaxy's best comics.

Beginning in January 2008 with the popular Knights of the Old Republic title, Star Wars "Vector" will eclipse all four titles throughout the year, introducing new characters and tying the entire line together, This promises to be one of the biggest crossovers the world of comics has seen yet!

When a terrible vision reaching more than 4,000 years into the future alerts the secret Jedi Covenant to the importance of Taris, they activate an operative already on this planet overrun by Mandalorians. There, in the deadly Undercity, a monstrous, ancient threat is unleashed that plunges Zayne Carrick, the Padawan accused of killing his fellow students, into an adventure which will eventually span four thousand years and involve Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the principles of the Legacy series!

"After our relaunch in 2006 and the thirtieth anniversary this year, we were looking for something special to kick-off 2008," said editor Randy Stradley. "At first, a line-wide Star Wars crossover seemed like it might be beyond our reach, but after nearly a year's worth of back-and-forth discussions among our writers and artists, we came up with something really solid. Not only is it a big story that can span all of the eras we're dealing with, but the events which take place within each era will be important to that era."

For anyone who never knew where to start with Star Wars comics, "Vector" is the perfect introduction to the entire Star Wars line! For any serious Star Wars fan, "Vector" is the must-read event of 2008, with major happenings throughout the most important moments of the galaxy's history. The "Vector" story begins in Knights of the Old Republic #25, this coming January.

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