Dark Horse Announces Shojo With a Twist!

Shizuka has problems. Not only is she an introverted girl, dealing with schoolwork and boys, but she feels invisible. In reality, she is victim to a disease that is making her literally translucent!

Shizuka finds support with Mamoru, a boy who is falling for her despite her appearance, or lack thereof. Another friend, Keiko, suffers from the same illness and has turned completely invisible.

The strange disease becomes a metaphor in the ordinary lives of the students in their classes, as they work their way through romance and friendships.

Teen-centric, quirky, and romantic, Translucent will appeal to shojo fans who like a little twist with their gakuen mono. Translucent's shifting variables-between what people see and wish to see-create an emotionally sensitive manga, peppered with moments of surprising humor, heartbreak, and drama.

Translucent features story and art by Kazuhiro Okamoto and arrives on sale July 18.

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