Dark Horse Announces "Samurai: Heaven and Earth #1" Reprint

Official Press Release

Dark Horse Comics is announcing a reprint for the sold out Samurai: Heaven and Earth #1 by Ron Marz and Luke Ross. The new print will feature a variant sketch cover by Luke Ross. Beginning in feudal Japan of 1704, Samurai: Heaven and Earth follows a lone samurai warrior sworn to be reunited with the love of his life who has been spirited away by his enemies. Samurai #1 kicks the saga off in fine form with some of the most intense and beautifully rendered battle scenes in comic history.

Praise for Samurai #1 has been profuse. Comics Buyer's Guide cited Samurai #1 for "..art breathtaking in its detail and realism.." The Fourth Rail declared "the best reason to check out this quiet debut is to witness a transformation in the work of Luke Ross." Ain't It Cool News says simply, "Purty, purty art."

Samurai #1 featuring the new Luke Ross cover will be back in comic shops March 16.

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