Dark Horse adds manga to digital store

Dark Horse launched its digital comics store earlier this year with just one manga series, Lone Wolf & Cub, and a promise that more is on the way, and today the publisher delivered, adding six more series to its digital store: Crying Freeman, Hellsing, Lady Snowblood, Old Boy, Path of the Assassin and Trigun.

Most of the series are priced at $5.99 per volume, a bit high for digital manga, and Crying Freeman will set you back an extra buck. All are older series — Dark Horse was one of the first manga publishers in the U.S. — and all are squarely in the seinen demographic, aimed at young adult males. Since that's the target audience for most of Dark Horse's other comics, the selection makes sense, but the publisher might draw in new readers with digital editions of its CLAMP manga, including the new series Gate 7.

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