Dark Horse adds <i>Buffy</i>, other Whedon titles to their digital store

Dark Horse Comics announced that they are adding their popular comics based on the television works of Joss Whedon to their digital store, starting today with a good chunk of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight and the first two issues of Season Nine.

Additional issues from Season Eight and Nine will be added over the next few weeks. Issues of Angel & Faith, which spun out of the events of Season Nine, will arrive next week. The Dollhouse one-shot and five-issue series will be added Nov. 23.

"This marks another important turning point in Dark Horse’s digital initiative," said Mike Richardson, Dark Horse president and founder. "Joss Whedon’s incredible characters have become some of our most popular, and now fans from all over the world can see them like they never have been seen before!"

No doubt. Considering the fan base Buffy, Angel and, well, anything Joss Whedon does have, it makes sense that Dark Horse would want to make their "in canon" comics available via their digital store, and the natural question is "What took so long?" Given the titles are licensed from Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, it wouldn't be surprising if they had some legal/licensing issues to work through. Fans commenting on the news at the Whedon-focused blog Whedonesque are now asking if Dark Horse will move to a same-day-as-print schedule, which seems like a natural move.

After the jump you can find the release schedule for upcoming Whedonverse titles on Dark Horse's digital app.



Buffy Season 8 #1-20Buffy Season 9 #1 & 2


Buffy Season 8 #21-25Buffy Season 9 #3Angel #1-9Angel & Faith #1 - 3


Dollhouse one shot and #1-5Buffy Season 8 #26 - 30


Buffy Season 8 #31- 35


Buffy Season 8 #36-40

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