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Sons Goku: 10 Dark Facts About DBZ’s Gohan (And 10 More About Goten)

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Sons Goku: 10 Dark Facts About DBZ’s Gohan (And 10 More About Goten)

One of the biggest surprises of the first episode of Dragon Ball Z was the introduction of Gohan, Goku and Chi-Chi’s son. Goku, the good-natured, naive monkey-tailed boy of Dragon Ball was now a father. Gohan would go on to be one of the most important characters in the series, he was the first to go Super Saiyan 2, he defeated cell and he almost replaced Goku as the main protagonist. Goku’s second son, Goten, was introduced in the final chapters of Dragon Ball Z, the Buu sagas. Goten, despite being an exact copy of Goku as a kid, didn’t know his dad until the Buu Saga, but has since become close with him as of Dragon Ball Super. 

Both of Goku’s sons are powerful half-Saiyans, able to go Super Saiyan at young ages and capable of great potential. Both Gohan and Goten have grown to be kind-hearted warriors of good like their father, but that’s not the only way they take after Goku. Both Gohan and Goten have got some, shall we say, interesting facts about them that stick out like a sore thumb.


Didn’t think we’d get this dark right from the start, did you? Yes, there is a theory that Gohan uses his Great Saiyaman superhero persona to deal with the trauma he experienced on Namek, specifically the fact that Captain Ginyu attacked him in his own father’s body.

We can’t imagine the kind of trauma that would inflict on young Gohan, but we do see how he copes with it. The Ginyu Force was based on sentai-styled superheroes, as was the Great Saiyaman. Fans have theorized that Gohan uses his superhero identity both to do good and stop others from experiencing trauma like he did, and to “take back” the silly poses. That might sound ridiculous, but The Great Saiyaman uses the same ridiculous poses as the Ginyu Force, and perhaps Gohan finds comfort in repurposing them for his heroic deeds.


That’s really weird right? We never really think about just how strange fusion is in the world Dragon Ball. In all its forms, fusion is, on some level, a little gross, especially when it’s between two best friends, like Goten and Trunks. Think about it, these two best friends are closer than even some couples are, since they have shared a body.

Dragon Ball Z never really explained what it’s like for the two fusees when they are together. Is it two minds in one body? Is it a single personality made of two minds? We don’t really know, but if it’s the former, that must be incredibly strange for the two young friends. It also raises the unfortunate question of how going to the bathroom works with fusions…


Gohan has faced a lot of tough battles in his life, one of the toughest perhaps being this fight with Cell. To train for the Cell games, Goku and Gohan spent a year in the hyperbolic time chamber, during which, Gohan had a horrific dream. In the stress of training for the Cell games, and eventually facing Cell himself, all of Gohan’s worst fears came to the surface in a horrific nightmare.

In his dream, Gohan is training in the time chamber when Chi-Chi enters, yelling at him to study. Piccolo appears as well, apologetic that he couldn’t stop Chi-Chi. Then, suddenly, Cell shows up and kills Chi-Chi and Piccolo. Gohan’s worst fears, a world where Cell wins, are realized in this dream, and Goku has to shake him out of the nightmare. Bet you forgot about this dark dream, didn’t ya?


Time and time again, the internet has pointed out that Goku is kind of a terrible father. Keep in mind that his life is a bit different from most others and all things considered he’s done his best. His biggest downfall as a parent, however, is his absence, since he was dead for the first seven years of Goten’s life.

It’s kind of dark considering the fact that Goten didn’t know his father for his early life. This fact is made even darker knowing that Goku, as far as we know, didn’t even know he had a second son. Goku could have communicated with his family whenever he wanted, thanks to King Kai’s telepathy, to check in on things. The fact that he didn’t even know about Goten means he didn’t talk to them for seven years. That’s messed up.


Here’s some fun trivia, did you know that the timeline that Future Trunks came from isn’t actually an alternate timeline? In fact, it’s actually the “true” timeline of the Dragon Ball universe. That is to say, Future Trunks comes from a future that was supposed to happen, but a divergent timeline was born when he travelled back in time to warn the Z-fighters of the androids.

How does this relate to Gohan? Well he gets the short end of the stick in this timeline, as do most of the Z-Fighters. In the true future, Gohan is Trunks’ teacher, much in the same way that Piccolo was to him. However, in training Trunks to fight the androids, Gohan loses his arm and eventually his life, serving as the martyr that caused Trunks’ first Super Saiyan transformation. Jeez, talk about the darkest timeline.


When Gohan was training with Goten for the world martial arts tournament, he went Super Saiyan and was surprised to find that his little brother could do the same. At only  Seven years old, Goten is the youngest Super Saiyan in the world. Now, this might seem like more of an awesome fact than a dark one, but think of the ramifications.

It would be incredibly dangerous to have a seven-year-old with the power of a Super Saiyan running around, using the power willy-nilly. Even worse, the fact that Super Saiyan is being accessed younger and younger, as seen with Gohan before his brother, implies that someone like Pan could possibly go Super Saiyan before she can walk, a fact that may very well come true if the events of Dragon Ball Super are any evidence.


This is quite possibly the most messed up part about Dragon Ball Z. When we first met Gohan, he was four years old when Goku introduced him to his friends. By the time that he fought on Namek, he was only a year older. Yes, you read that right, Gohan was only five freaking years old when he faced the Ginyu Force, Vegeta and Frieza himself on planet Namek.

Goku might have gone through some crazy adventures as a kid in Dragon Ball, but he was 12 at the time. Before he was old enough to be in first grade, Gohan fought against two psychopathic alien killers (one of which was his uncle), trained under harsh conditions with the help of a green alien demon, was the youngest person in space and faced several deadly enemies on an alien planet. No wonder his mom wanted him to study.


Goten was the youngest Saiyan to go super in the history of Dragon Ball, and the first time it happened is kind of a funny story. When we first see him go Super Saiyan, it’s when he was training with Gohan, amazing his older brother with how easily he attained the form. When Gohan asks about Goten’s Super Saiyan form, we are treated to a flashback to the first time it happened.

Chi-Chi never wanted Gohan to be a fighter, but seemed to change her mind when Goten was born. In fact, she was the one who trained Goten in martial arts. When Chi-Chi was sparring with her son, Goten retaliated, instinctually going Super Saiyan and striking his mom. Chi-Chi looked injured, but she seemed more concerned with Goten’s golden hair, as she dislikes the Super Saiyan form because she thinks it makes her sons look like delinquents.


Even though Goten is the youngest Saiyan to go Super Saiyan, Gohan could easily be considered the strongest Saiyan of the bunch. Not only was he the first to go Super Saiyan 2, he was also able to dominate Super Buu after having his power unlocked by the Old Kai. The sad, and somewhat dark part about this is the fact that Gohan wasted his potential as a fighter and a hero after the Cell Saga.

Or rather, Chi-Chi wasted his potential. Sure, we get why Chi-Chi would want her son to get an education, but the fact that he was able to defeat Cell when he was barely a teenager shows that he has the potential to be the world’s greatest protector, especially in Goku’s absence. In fact, in his studies, Gohan becomes something of a skinny wimp by the time of Frieza’s resurrection in Dragon Ball Super. 


Despite the fact that he is seemingly receiving the same education as his older brother, Goten, like his father, can be a bit absentminded at times. That’s not to say that Goten is dumb, but he’s had some “Goku moments,” especially in Dragon Ball Super. In one of the first episodes of Super, Goku is tending to the family farm, but wants to get some training done.

Goten offers to help his dad by driving the tractor for a while so Goku can get some training done in the fields. However, Goten ends up driving the tractor off a cliff, forcing Goku to save him. Goten is absentminded on two fronts here; he didn’t see a freaking cliff coming, and he almost died because he somehow forgot he can fly and is super strong. Seriously, that would have been a dumb, dark death for the young half-Saiyan.


To defeat the powerful Majin Buu, Goku teaches the fusion technique to Goten and Trunks. The fusion dance creates a powerful fusion of the two people involved, but there is a more powerful form of fusion: the potara earrings. By attaching one of the earrings to opposite ears, two warriors can combine to form a fusion that is far more powerful than a fusion dance. However, potara fusion, unlike the dance, is (believed at the time to be) a permanent fusion.

Why do we bring this up? Oh no reason except that Goku planned on doing this with his own son. We get why Goku considered it, so that their powerful fusion could defeat Buu, but thank goodness it never happened! If you think sharing a body with your best friend would be weird — think about permanently sharing a body with your dad. Gross!


Speaking of fusions, why don’t we talk about Gotenks for a minute. As if it wasn’t bad enough that two people are sharing a body, Gotenks in particular is a rather, shall we say, eccentric fusion. For some reason, the combination of Trunks’ confidence and Goten’s playfulness results in a cocky and strangely eccentric warrior.

The weirdest part of Gotenks has to be his attacks. He has made up some “interesting” attacks, usually on the spot. The weirdest of them all are his kamikaze ghosts, which he creates by spitting up ghostly versions of himself that explode when touched. Some of his others include attacks like “Continuous Die Die Missile,” “Splitting Headache” and, our personal favorite, the “Galactic Donut,” which is basically a donut-shaped ki attack that constricts its target.


When Goku and Gohan trained in the hyperbolic time chamber, they aged a year in the span of a day. Because of this, Even though Gohan was born in Age 757, he is the physical age of someone born a year earlier. This isn’t really a problem during his time being homeschooled, but when he enters into the public school system in high school, things get a little sketchy.

Since Gohan attends school with kids his age, it means that the records Chi-Chi submitted to Orange Star High School had to have been partially fake. If we’re to believe that the world/government of Dragon Ball requires birth records and the like to be kept, then Chi-Chi couldn’t submit Gohan’s actual files. Maybe Chi-Chi knows some shady people to be able to fudge her son’s records like that.


Goten is the spitting image of his father, especially when Goku was younger. Goten has the exact same face, hair and build that his dad had in the early days of Dragon Ball, and Goku notices as much. When Goku first meets his second son at the world martial arts tournament, he refers to Goten as a “little me,” in a heartwarming introduction.

However, Goten’s appearance isn’t always such a pleasant thing, in fact you could say it almost got him killed by Frieza. After sensing the resurrected tyrant’s power, Goten and Trunks fuse to face him, but unfuse when they arrive. After unfusing, Frieza notices that Goten looks just like Goku, reminding him of his defeat. Were it not for the fact that Goten and Trunks got scared and ran away, Frieza might have taken out his hatred of Goku on his youngest son.


Gohan hasn’t had the most traditional upbringing, as we’ve already mentioned, and even his adult life is pretty insane. Most of Gohan’s strange life can be blamed on his strange family. First of all, Gohan witnessed his father’s death when he was four. He was then raised and trained in the wild by the alien monster who once tried to kill his dad, a Namekian known as the Demon King.

Strangely enough, Piccolo isn’t the only “demon” member of his family, Fast forward a few years and Gohan meets Videl, the daughter of Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan’s connection to hell is pretty obvious, but his daughter’s is a bit sneakier. Videl’s name is actually an anagram of “devil.” This means that Gohan was raised by a demon and later married into a demon family! Let’s hope he doesn’t develop a familial relationship with Dabura anytime soon!


Okay, weird theory time. So, we know that Goten is the youngest Super Saiyan ever, right? Well, there might be an explanation behind that. Trunks is only a year older than Goten, but he had Vegeta as a hard-training father, explaining how he also achieved Super Saiyan. However, Goten’s upbringing was rather peaceful and laid back, his only training being play-fighting with Trunks and standard martial arts with his mother.

So why was he able to go Super Saiyan before he was even able to fly? Because he was conceived by a Super Saiyan. Think about it, Goten was conceived sometime before the Cell games, perhaps even when Goku and Gohan were maintaining their Super Saiyan forms long-term. It’s very possible that Goku and Chi-Chi got intimate while Goku was rocking blonde hair, which may have been frightening/painful experience.


Okay, so this isn’t really a “dark” secret, but it’s played off like one. When Gohan starts attending High School, he finds a way to protect the city while appearing normal to his classmates. By using the Great Saiyaman disguise, Gohan is able to live a normal high school life; that is, until someone finds out his secret.

In an anime-only episode, a fellow student named Angela blackmails Gohan into going on a date with her. Gohan thinks that the information she has on him is his secret identity, but in fact, it is far from it. Angela previously witnessed Gohan getting changed, noticing his underwear. Printed on the back of Gohan’s underwear is a picture of a cute teddy bear, an embarrassing fact that Angela planned to exploit.


Every single Saiyan and Saiyan hybrid in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super has had at least some time in the spotlight. Gohan has had multiple focus points throughout the franchise, Vegeta and Goku are obvious, and Trunks got his time in the Android and Cell sagas. But, little Goten has been left out of the fun. Sure, he had some focus when he was learning to fuse with Trunks, but he has never had point where the story is focuses entirely on him, Trunks is almost always present.

This is kind of crazy considering that even Nappa and Raditz have had more exposure than Goten, Seriously, where’s Goten’s saga? He deserves as much focus as the rest of the Saiyans, yet we know very little about him. In fact, we had trouble coming up with facts about him for this list, that’s how little information there is about him!


Goku was based on Sun Wukong of Journey to the West, the inspiration for Dragon Ball. As such, his name is the Japanese version of Sun Wukong, and can also mean cloud in reference to the character’s method of travel. Similarly, Goten’s name means “sky,” and one might think Gohan’s name follows this air-themed trend. Nope, Gohan’s name literally means “rice.”

But Gohan is not treated any differently for this name by his father. In fact, his name might actually makes Goku love him more. You see, Gohan is named after Goku’s adoptive grandfather, a name that Goku suggested when Gohan was a baby. Before deciding on a name, Goku seemed rather disinterested in his son, but once he was named after his grandpa, he showed great love and care for him. This means that Goku might not love his son as much if he wasn’t named after his grandpa. That’s messed up!


We already know that Goten being the youngest Super Saiyan is a dangerous notion, but Goten is also strong in his base form. Blessed with Saiyan genes, Goten is super strong, much like his father and brother. Also like his father and brother, Goten has a little trouble holding back his power, as seen in the world martial arts tournament in the Buu saga.

Goten planned on fighting against the adults in the ring, but a new junior division was added to the tournament, forcing Goten and Trunks to face off against some weak kids. These kids think they’re hot stuff, smack talking and looking down on Goten for being younger than them. But, everything changes when Goten fights one of them in the ring, hitting him so hard we can easily assume he caused permanent damage to the poor kid’s jaw.

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