Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance First Look Will Make You Nostalgic For Thra

BOOM! Studios has unveiled a first look at Jim Henson's Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1, by writer Nicole Andelfinger (Adventure Time) and artist Matias Basla (Sparrowhawk), which ties into the upcoming Netflix

The twelve-issue maxiseries will provide a look at the backstories of characters and events referenced in the upcoming Dark Crystal Netflix show. The comic series’ story follows a single Gelfling soldier who is sent on a mission to retrieve a rare artifact that seemingly has the power to secure peace once and for all… at the cost of irrevocably changing the world of Thra, of course.

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You can read a plot synopsis for the issue and see a first look at Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1 below.

Meet Maudra Vala of the Stonewood Clan, mother of young rebel Maudra Fara, and a Gelfling leader trying to save her people from complete destruction. The terrifying Arathim, giant spiders and the Gelfling’s sworn enemies, have swarmed the land, wreaking destruction and chaos everywhere between Gelfling clans and Arathim as they battle for dominance over the forests and caves of Thra. Maudra Vala sends her greatest warrior, Ordon, to the Tomb of Relics to retrieve a mythical weapon that could be the key to winning the war. But the path to the legendary relic is riddled with secret traps and hidden dangers. Will even Ordon, greatest of Gelfling warriors, be able to make his way alone to the Stonewood Clan’s last hope for survival?

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance hits shelves September 20.

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