Daria Gets the Funko Pop! Treatment as an NYCC Exclusive

'90s icon Daria Morgendorffer is getting her own Funko Pop! figurine. However, you're going to have to be in the right place at the right time to get one - more specifically, this year's New York comic Con.

Resembling her cartoon counterpart, the NYCC-exclusive figure has Daria's iconic glasses, green jacket, black skirt and boots. Her arms are crossed and her eyelids are sneering, making her look unimpressed in general. (Ironically enough, she's arguably showing more emotion than most Funko Pop! figurines.)

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The original 90's cartoon Daria was a satirical slice-of-life show about a teenage misanthrope of the same name living in the fictional town of Lawndale and her misadventures at home and at school. Developed by MTV, it was a spinoff of Beavis and Butt-Head and proved popular enough to garner five seasons, two television movies and other specials.

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As previously reported, MTV has recently announced plans to develop more spinoffs of the show, including one revolving around the character Jodie --  classmate of Daria's -- starring Tracee Ellis Ross.

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The 2019 New York Comic Con will take place at New York City's Javits Center from Thursday, Oct. 3 to Sunday, Oct. 6, where attendees can enter a lottery to purchase the exclusive figurines.

(via Funko)

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