'Daredevil's' hallway fight scene inspires 'Lucha Underground' video

If you're attempting to sell your audience on a match between a 50-year-old retired wrestler and a current top-shelf talent, then it makes sense to turn to Marvel's iconic underdog, street-level hero for inspiration: Daredevil. And with the character's Netflix series still fresh in everyone's minds, it makes even more sense to pay homage the show's epic hallway fight scene.

Wrestling promotion Lucha Underground, which airs on Robert Rodriguez's El Rey Network, is telling a storyline that has retired wrestler Vampiro gaining the attention -- and ire -- of current star Pentagon Jr.

In building to the upcoming in-ring confrontation, LU is faced with the challenge of re-establishing Vampiro -- a retired wrestler turned ring announcer and interviewer -- as a credible threat to someone who's spent the better part of a year running roughshod over virtually every other young wrestler in the company. And while the two have traded blows and verbal barbs on television, in wrestling, there's nothing like a powerful video package to make a wrestler appear strong.

The latest step in building to the pair's big showdown arrived online today, in a video clip that references the single-shot hallway fight on Netflix's Daredevil. And while the Lucha Underground version utilizes numerous cuts -- and a completely different, horror-tinged end -- its inspiration is unmistakable, with multiple assailants attacking Vampiro in a confined, dimly lit hallway much like the one utilized by director Phil Abraham for his legendary sequence.

Vampiro and Pentagon Jr. collide during the second night of Ultima Lucha, the two-part season finale of "Lucha Underground," airing August 5 at 8PM on the El Rey Network.


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