Daredevil Gives Wilson Fisk's Kingpin Moniker An Origin

Wilson Fisk in Daredevil Season 3

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel's Daredevil Season 3, streaming now on Netflix.

Fans rejoiced last month with confirmation that Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk would, at long last, don the character's signature white suit jacket in Daredevil Season 3. However, it goes beyond a mere change of clothes, as he also acquires his Marvel Comics nickname: Kingpin.

They mark a turning point for Fisk in an elaborate plot to take him from prison, where he's remained since since his downfall at the end of Daredevil's first season, and return him to not only the top of New York's criminal underworld but the city's high society -- with the love of his life, Vanessa Marianna, once again at his side.

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Marvel's Daredevil Season 3

In the first half of the season, Fisk moves from an orange prison jumpsuit to the dark-gray attire of the FBI's safe house (actually a spartan penthouse apartment seized by the government), where he's protected while providing information about the Albanian crime syndicate, as part of a deal to shield Vanessa from criminal prosecution. But once his cooperation bears fruit, the terms of the agreement call for him to be provided with the amenities to which he was once accustomed: upscale furniture, artwork and, yes, racks of identical white silk jackets.

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"I think it’s his birth as the Kingpin," D'Onofrio told CBR earlier this week, explaining what the jacket represents to Fisk. "I think it’s him, right at the beginning stages, of who he’ll eventually turn out to be. He’s trying to be complete, and that’s why he tries so desperately to get Vanessa back, because she defines him, in a way. And, so I think it’s the white, the pureness, the simpleness of it – the newness of it, it’s all very kind of young. It’s not Wilson Fisk anymore, he’s actually becoming the Kingpin. I think it’s the beginning of a whole new life, especially at the end of the season, where an awful lot changes, and Vanessa stands out in a much more rock-solid way than when they parted in the first season."

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