Daredevil Vs Batman: Which Vigilante Would Come Out On Top?

When it comes to Marvel and DC comics, both companies have some very powerful heroes, but they also have regular men and women who take on the roles of vigilantes to protect their home towns. In DC, Batman is the most famous vigilante in comic book history. Despite having no superpowers, can stand up against just about any villain who gets in his way.

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A similar hero in Marvel is Daredevil. While the Man Without Fear has a sort of superpower in his enhanced senses, he is just another vigilante who puts on a mask and costume and stands up against any villain who comes into Hell's Kitchen looking to cause problems. Which of these vigilantes would come out on top if they took each other on head-to-head? Here is our look at who would come out on top if Daredevil and Batman faced off.

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Both Daredevil and Batman are well-trained fighters who have fine-tuned their bodies into ultimate fighting machines. Matt Murdoch is the son of a professional boxer, and he has taken a beating from the best of them without slowing down.

However, Batman is a well-oiled machine. He isn't just about punching and kicking. Bruce Wayne trained in every known fighting style possible, using his wealth to travel the world and learn from the best before he ever put on the cape and cowl. Batman is a stronger fighter than almost anyone, Daredevil included.


When it comes to being the better warrior, it is easy to see that the man who has faced the harshest villains is the one who has built up the resistance and pain tolerance to stay in a fight to the end. While Batman has proven to be able to beat anyone, most of his villains are just regular criminals, and he is a master detective when it comes to catching them.

Daredevil also doesn't face a lot of supervillains, mostly facing human criminals as well. However, Daredevil has the immortal Hand and ninjas battling him, while Batman has the Court of Owls as well as his own ninja enemies in the League of Assassins. Batman has Bane, and Daredevil has Kingpin. This is probably a draw.


Daredevil is a smart guy. One thing he promised his dad was that he would not be a bruiser on the streets and would do more with his life than learn how to take a punch. He did that when he went to college and worked hard to earn his law degree. He is a very smart intelligent man who worked hard to get to this point in his life.

However, Batman is the world's greatest detective. On top of traveling the world to learn different fighting skills, he also honed his intelligence and deductive skills. Matt is smart, but few match up with Bruce Wayne when it comes to his genius as a detective.


Matt Murdoch has one simple belief. He wants to find the good in everyone. He is an attorney and intends to use the system to bring criminals down and to help those wrongly accused find freedom. It also helps that Matt can hear heartbeats and often knows when someone is lying or telling the truth.

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When it comes to Batman, his sense of morality is that he won't kill. However, his morals are a lot darker than Daredevil. He sees the bad in everyone. He often has a contingency plan to kill his own friends and team-mates, in case they go bad. Batman is dark as the night and doesn't hold a candle to Daredevil's sense of right and wrong.


Daredevil is a loner, though he has some friends. He has worked with The Avengers. He gets along well with Spider-Man. He knows that he can call on Captain America if he needs help. On the Netflix series, he worked in The Defenders — but these moments are few and far between. Most of his allies are ordinary people — Foggy Nelson and Karen Page.

However, Batman has his Bat-Family there to have his back, even when he doesn't want them around. He has Robin, more often than not, as a permanent sidekick, and Nightwing will always be on call to help. He even has the Justice League to call on when the heavies arrive. Batman wins here easily.


Daredevil has his enhanced senses to help him fight. Other than that, he has his billy club. It is a nice weapon, with a microphone, tape recorder, chamber to fire projectiles, and a wire cable to use as a grappling hook. It is also something he can use as a more primitive battering weapon.

However, his billy club doesn't hold a candle to Batman's weapons. Batman has his famous utility belt, which is full of awesome gadgets and gizmos. He has smoke bombs, his Batarangs, grappling hook gun, breathing device, nerve toxins, plastic explosives, and that is just scratching the surface. Add in the Batmobile, and it isn't even fair.


Batman Incorporated

Batman has serious trust issues. However, he has led groups before. Batman led The Outsiders. He likes to take on the role of a leader in the Justice League. When it comes to the Bat-Family, he will lead Robin, Nightwing, and just about anyone else who will stand by his side.

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Then, there is Batman Incorporated, where Batman franchised out his role to different countries, where they all had their own version of the Caped Crusader. Batman led them all. As for Daredevil, he is best served as a member of a team. He is a trustworthy leader as Matt Murdoch, attorney at law, but not as a leader of superheroes.


Batman has no powers at all. He is a master fighter and a brilliant detective, but those are not superpowers. However, Daredevil has one advantage that also covers up his most significant disadvantage.

Matt Murdock has enhanced senses that developed after he lost his sight. He can hear people talking from far away. He can see in waves, allowing him to know when and where his attackers are coming from. As mentioned before, he can hear heartbeats, so he knows when someone is lying. His sense of smell is similar to Wolverine's, which gives him an advantage as well.


Daredevil was a young child when he lost his eyesight and gained his enhanced senses. He grew into an adult learning how to use those senses to his advantage. He trained with Stick to learn how to use those senses to become a superhero. However, his experience pales in comparison to Bruce Wayne's.

After Wayne's parents died, he traveled the world. He learned fighting skills from the best fighters in the world, developing an affinity for every form of fighting he could. He studied under the greatest detectives. He has experience that few other heroes in comic books can compare to.


In a one-on-one fistfight, Daredevil could surely hold his own. However, when both fighters are allowed to use all their resources, including weapons and allies, Batman would probably mop the floor with the Man Without Fear.

Batman has more experience, more weapons, more backup, and is stronger. Daredevil has some superpowers, but they're nothing that Batman hasn't seen before and couldn't deal with in one way or another.

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