<i>Daredevil</i> to become <i>Black Panther: The Man Without Fear</i>

The answer to who will be the new Man Without Fear was answered this afternoon on G4's Attack of the Show: "Fresh Ink" host Blair Butler announced that Marvel's Daredevil will end in November with Issue 512 -- of course, we already knew that -- to be replaced with Black Panther: The Man Without Fear.

The title, which picks up in December with Issue 513, spins out of the "Shadowland" event, and finds Black Panther as the new guardian of Hell's Kitchen, "living outside of his kingdom and rebuilding his life" without the aid of advanced Wakandan technology.

Black Panther is written by award-winning novelist David Liss, who penned last year's Daring Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special for Marvel, and penciled by Francesco Francavilla (Zorro), who drew those "Man Without Fear" teasers.

Daredevil returned to its original numbering a year ago with Issue 500. The continuation of that numbering under the new name, a la Incredible Hercules, suggests we'll see a return to plain ol' Daredevil before too long. Meanwhile, the four-issue Daredevil: Reborn, by Andy Diggle and Davide Gianfelice, will launch in January.

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