Daredevil With Sight is The Worst Thing That Can Happen to the Man Without Fear

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Avengers Halloween Special #1 on sale Wednesday, Oct. 31.

The upcoming Avengers Halloween Special #1 is going to give Matt Murdock his sight back, but that gift is going to take a horrific turn, making it one of the worst things that could happen to the Man Without Fear.

A preview of the upcoming Avengers Halloween Special #1 from Marvel Comics starts with Matt and Foggy Nelson talking about the former's upcoming eye surgery, which will be performed by Dr. Jackson. The surgery and the conversation are rendered in Matt's radar vision. However, after removing his bandages, Matt's radar vision disappears from the preview.

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At first, the surgery appears to go off without a hitch, but that doesn't last long. Back in his apartment, Matt takes off his bandages and sees Bullseye attempting to attack Foggy. Matt throws a pair of scissors at Bullseye's back, but they pass through him and land in Foggy's chest. Matt then kills Bullseye, who changes into a demonic Karen Page. Heather Glenn, one of Matt's ex-girlfriends, appears with her head in a noose, a reference to the character's suicide in Daredevil #220. Heather and Karen attack Matt, who manages to hole up inside his bathroom.

At the end of the preview, Matt calls Dr. Jackson, who reveals that a mystery villain paid him to fill Matt's tear ducts with a powerful hallucinogen that will never wear off. The horrific last panel seems to show Matt removing his eyes with his bare hands.

Murdock has temporarily regained his lost sight a number of times over the years. In Daredevil #223, during a Secret Wars II crossover, the hero regains his sight after the immensely powerful Beyonder restores his sight as a retainer. Murdock later rejects the gift, believing it will compromise his "profound sense of justice." More recently, Murdock regained his sight in writer Tom Taylor and artist Yıldıray Çınar's Superior Iron Man. That comic's nefarious Tony Stark restores Matt's vision. However, Murdock refuses to compromise with Stark and loses his vision again.

The events of Avengers Halloween Special #1 are, obviously, not going to be canon. Other stories will feature Iron Man, Captain America, the Punisher and the X-Men. The comic will feature five stories: "The Eyes Have It," from writer Rob Fee and artists Eoin Marron and Mike Spicer; "The Thing From Another Time," by writers Jen and Sylvia Soska and artists Jonas Scharf and Jordan Boyd; "Whatever Happened To The Richards Family", by writer Gerry Duggan and artists Laura Braga and Arif Prianto; "Punisher Of The Opera," by writer Jay Baruchel and artists Luca Pizzari and Michael Garland; and "Haunted Mansion," by writer Robbie Thompson and artists Bob Quinn and Cris Peter.

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Avengers Halloween Special #1, which is on sale Wednesday, Oct. 31.

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