It's Time For Daredevil to Join the MCU's Phase Four

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Since Charlie Cox donned Matt Murdock's red and black suit in 2015, Marvel's Daredevil has thrived magnificently on Netflix. It flourished on the streaming service's famed binge-watching format and seemed poised to do so for many years to come. With the show's unanticipated cancellation, though, it looks like the Man Without Fear will have to move his billy club elsewhere. But where, exactly?

When Marvel's Iron Fist and Luke Cage were canceled last month, viewers suspected either a new crossover show or a child-friendly equivalent on Disney's upcoming streaming service, Disney+. That should come as no surprise; fans have been gunning for a small screen version of Heroes for Hire since The Defenders first teased Danny and Luke's iconic partnership. The last season of Iron Fist also had viewers aching for a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff starring Marvel Cinematic Universe favorites Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. When Netflix failed to renew its second Marvel show only a week after canceling its first, these spinoffs seemed like the only logical conclusion to a strangely perplexing story.

But after Daredevil was discontinued by Netflix only a week after Season 3 showrunner Erik Oleson submitted his pitch for Season 4, Marvel's motivations became less clear. When considering a crossover show, canceling Iron Fist and Luke Cage made sense, but Daredevil doesn't quite fit in the same mix. While the other shows received lukewarm reviews from critics and fans alike, Daredevil is almost universally acclaimed. For a moment, it seemed the cancellations boiled down to the release of Disney's new streaming service, but the company has announced that all three shows will not be moving to Disney+, and later reports stated that even if Disney wanted to, it has to wait at least two years before starting production on new seasons starring the Netflix heroes.

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Netflix and Marvel were at least perfectly clear on one thing: Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil will live on in future projects -- eventually. If Jessica Jones and The Punisher fall next, they too will likely receive the same treatment. The other Marvel Netflix shows aside, Daredevil is Marvel Television's most bankable character, right beside the Punisher. It's unlikely Matt Murdock will just disappear into the background after fans have already glimpsed the character's potential. So, if Murdock is no longer appearing in any Netflix show, crossover or otherwise, and will not be transferring to Disney+, that leaves only one other option for New York's most controversial attorney once the two-year moratorium is up: the MCU films.

The end of Phase Three with next year's Avengers: Endgame opens up a new world of possibilities for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Following Thanos' snap, notable Daredevil characters were probably eliminated, and the upcoming Infinity War sequel is expected to be the last roadshow for some of the founding Avengers. With so few Avengers left, the MCU films are going to need all the heroes they can get, and Daredevil -- with all his years of hardened crime-fighting experience -- could easily be one of them.

The New Avenger

Matt Murdock could have joined the movies at any time, but it wouldn't be timely. Whereas before Phase Four he would simply be an addition to an already massive team, after Phase Four he would be a necessity. One of the original Avengers expected to either die or withdraw from superheroing is Captain America, and if Steve Rogers is truly leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the films are going to need another experienced bruiser.

As proudly stated by Stick in The Defenders, Matthew Murdock is the "most naturally skilled fighter" he's ever seen, and Stick, who is Murdock's teacher, serves K'un-Lun -- the same people who birthed and trained the Immortal Iron Fist. As far as hand-to-hand combat goes, Daredevil is the Avengers' best bet at a new resident martial artist.

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Losing Captain America would deal a tremendous blow to the team, as Rogers was not only a talented fighter, but also a born leader. He led the Avengers and the rebels, as well as the Wakandan chapter in Infinity War, to mostly great success. His loss would create a massive power vacuum. The good news is Daredevil is likely still alive and easily the best possible hero to fill that role.

Stick also mentioned in The Defenders that, despite Matt Murdock's distrustful and reclusive nature, he is also a natural leader, adept at strategy and delegation. Daredevil is like Marvel's Batman. He doesn't work well with others, but when he does try, he shines. This could also make for an interesting dynamic between Murdock and the surviving Avengers.

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