Daredevil Season 3 Set Photos Reveal Return of the Black Suit

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen is sporting a familiar look in new set photos from Daredevil Season 3.

Filming for the third season of the acclaimed Netflix series is underway in NYC, and a handful of new set photos show star Charlie Cox wearing Matt Murdock's black vigilante suit, which appeared in much of the show's first season.

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Posted by Instagram user lenottideldiavolo, the candid images show Cox behind the scenes in his original crime-busting outfit, inspired by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.'s Daredevil miniseries Man Without Fear. By the Season 1 finale, Murdock ditched the black uniform for his more iconic crimson-colored armor and helmet.

Given Murdock's state at the end of the Marvel Netflix crossover series The Defenders, which saw the hero being nursed back to health by the Sisters of Saint Agnes, it is unclear when these leaked images take place chronologically. With previous set photos teasing Karen Page's past, it is possible Murdock will don the black suit in flashbacks set before the Season 1 finale.

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It is also rumored that the upcoming third season will be influenced by Miller's classic Daredevil story Born Again. If that's the case, Murdock will have to rebuild his life and vigilante efforts, which may force him to wear his old costume temporarily.

While there is still no official release date set for Daredevil Season 3, it is expected to return to Netflix sometime in 2018 with new showrunner Erik Oleson at the helm.

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