Daredevil Season 3's Mystery Villain is a 'Very Physical Threat'

Wilson Fisk is back in Season 3 of Daredevil.

After spending the events of Season 2 in prison, Vincent D'Onofrio's is out and ready to take back the power he once enjoyed. However, outside of the rematch fans have been clamoring for, it has been rumored that Matt Murdock will go toe-to-toe with another villain.

Earlier this year, CBR made a visit to the set of Daredevil Season 3, where showrunner Erik Olsen dropped some hints about a major threat to Daredevil. "There is another character on the show who is a very physical threat to Matt, who in many ways is able to balance and/or even best Daredevil," Olsen shared over a video conference call, though he stopped sort of naming the mysterious antagonist.

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Olsen described this character as "somebody who can match [Daredevil] blow for blow, and is also deeply drawn psychologically and is a real human being and character in his own right." The implication is that while Matt's battle with Fisk will be a central focus for the season, Daredevil will also come up against an enemy too strong for to take out in a single battle.

When everything is said and done, Olsen promises that this new conflict will "illuminate aspects of Matt's character at the same time it will illuminate aspects of this other villain." If the theme of this season is about facing your fears, what does this new bad guy represent that could terrify Daredevil?

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It's long been rumored that Wilson Bethal has been cast as the villainous Bullseye, however, the has yet to be confirmed. If Bethal is indeed the expert assassin destined to battle Matt Murdock, he would fit the bill of an insurmountable opponent who challenges Daredevil's sense of mortality.

Arriving Oct. 19 on Netflix, Daredevil Season 3 stars Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Joanne Whaley, Vincent D’Onofrio and Wilson Bethel.

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