Daredevil Season 3's Completely Unhinged Finale, Explained

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel's Daredevil Season 3, streaming now on Netflix.

Wilson Fisk is nothing if not a patient man, biding his time behind bars as he crafted a baroque plot to not only guarantee the safe return of his one true love, Vanessa Marianna, but also reclaim his twin thrones in New York's criminal underworld and respectable society. After manipulating the FBI, murdering the one agent who dared to testify against him, framing his archenemy, and ensuring his own exoneration, Fisk was seemingly poised to get everything he wanted in the Daredevil Season 3 finale, beginning with a wedding. That is, until his carefully laid plan suddenly unraveled, and in spectacular fashion.

In retrospect, with such an intricate scheme -- involving, for starters coerced FBI agents and crime bosses, an imposter Daredevil, jury tampering and murders -- some of the interlocking pieces were bound to break off, especially when one of them is a sociopath with unerring aim. But Fisk misjudged more than one of the players in his game.

Ray Nadeem

Marvel's Daredevil Season 3
Foggy Nelson and Agent Ray Nadeem

Fisk's plot to cooperate with the FBI to shield Vanessa from prosecution while eliminating his own criminal rivals required the help of an agent who would be willing to believe virtually anything he was told. Early on, he marked Ray Nadeem (Jay Ali) as a good candidate. When Naddem's sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, Fisk arranged to have her health insurance canceled, forcing the agent to go into debt to pay her medical expenses. Desperate for promotion, and the accompanying pay raise, Nadeem is easy prey for Fisk, who feeds him information for arrests that will earn him recognition from his superiors in Washington, D.C. By the time he's confronted with the truth by Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Nadeem is in over his head, and put on the hook for the murder of another agent by his supervisor, who's already in Fisk's pocket.

Forced to do Fisk's bidding, alongside several other compromised agents, Nadeem realizes he must atone for what he's done after Agent Benjamin Poindexter (Wilson Bethel), dressed as Daredevil, attacks Clinton Church, in an effort to kill Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll). Working with Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson), Nadeem strikes a deal with the district attorney to testify to a grand jury about his knowledge of Fisk's crimes. However, Fisk threatens the jury, resulting in no indictments, and Vanessa, now fully part of his criminal activities, orders Poindexter to "eliminate" the threat posed by Nadeem.

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