Why Daredevil Loses the Costume In Season 3

Charlie Cox, the man who actually has to wear the costume on set, had a lot to say about what the costume meant for him and his character. "It's so much more comfortable," he joked, coming in from a late-night shoot that ended at 2:00 a.m. Despite his weariness, he took time to explain how adamantly he felt that there had to be a story reason for Matt to wear a costume in the first place. "The thing with the costume for me," he started, "is that from a story point of view it makes sense and it's in keeping with the genre and the tone of this show."

Cox felt that the show had already built in a reason for Matt to move back to black, which we saw at the end of the first season as the character was transitioning to his red suit. "The thing that really sold it for me was this conversation that Matt had with Father Lantom, where he says sometimes it's important for there to be a symbol to be feared, and that was the impetus for Matt to embrace this symbol, this red suit."

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Turning to the season ahead, he explained that "There's an equally as compelling reason for him to not be in the suit anymore. Matt, for various reasons, no longer feels like he is deserving of it, and also that he has outgrown what it stood for." Given Olsen's own opinion that shows like Arrow and The Flash are essentially "Costume porn," it was clear that no one was exactly happy with the visual depiction of Daredevil in Season 2.

Bringing the character back to his black suit is just one way the show plans to bring the series back to basics, and recapture some of the magic that made Season 1 so successful.

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