Why Daredevil Loses the Costume In Season 3

Matt Murdock will get back to basics in the upcoming third season of the Netflix drama.

Daredevil will return in Season 3 of the hit Netflix show, but according to the cast and crew of this Marvel television series, Matt Murdock will be going back to basics. In a recent visit to the Brooklyn set of Daredevil, Comic Book Resources learned how the titular superhero will respond to the events of The Defenders, and where he will go from there. As it turns out, fans should find it very familiar, in both look and feel.

In a video conference interview with showrunner Erik Olsen, he described his plans to steer the series back to its grounded roots, and  "[Bring] it back to the core." In his opening statement during our roundtable Q&A session, he showed just how strong a grasp he has on the character and the show as a whole, describing his vision for Daredevil Season 3 as a "thriller that is somewhere tonally between Season 1 and The Sopranos. It is much darker, more character driven. The action sequences are violent and explosive and very much Daredevil."

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A major part of Season 3 will revolve around the deconstruction of Daredevil as a superhero, following his battle with the Hand. By the end of our visit, it was made clear that the show's return to basics won't just be a metaphorical one, it will also be physical.

As we've seen in posters and trailers, Matt Murdock will abandon his familiar red suit and return to something resembling the black costume he wore throughout most of Season 1. His decision to return to a new iteration of the black suit is fueled by the fallout of Matt's near-death experience. In Season 3, he will be living in secret inside a crypt, without access to the resources he once enjoyed. He will be struggling with his faith and his mission as a hero, and so he returns to the persona of a violent vigilante. He is forced to make his own costume from scratch, using whatever he has around him at his disposal.

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As costume designer Liz Vastola describes it, this new costume has the same silhouette and colors, but will be "a little more tactile, a little more rough around the edges." It's very much a costume that "brings to light the character's own feelings about who he is and who Daredevil is and what the suit represents for him." The mask she had on display next to her desk was familiar, yet new. The fabric was imperfectly wrapped together, and it looked very much like the kind of thing a blind man without design skills would make for himself.

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