Daredevil Season 3 Character Promo Introduces Bullseye

Netflix's slow rollout of the deadly antagonist in Marvel's Daredevil Season 3 finally reaches its target today with a new teaser that, while never mentioning the name Bullseye, nevertheless showcases the assassin's emblem and signature unerring aim.

The minute-long promo, released in conjunction with the drama's New York Comic Con presentation, introduces actor Wilson Bethel (How to Get Away With Murder) as Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter, a troubled FBI agent with a lethal aim, mental issues, and no apparent qualms about using deadly force. Employed by the manipulative Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio), it's of course Dex who dons the red suit in the Season 3 trailer to impersonate the Guardian of Hell's Kitchen, and to give New York City "a new villain."

Netflix also released four new images of Bethel as Dex, which you can see in the gallery below.

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Introduced in Marvel comics 1976, Bullseye attempted, but failed, to kill Wilson Fisk, yet convinced the Kingpin to hire him as his chief assassin, only to be fired following a humiliating defeat by Daredevil. He escaped from prison and impaled Fisk’s new assassin, Daredevil’s former lover, in a bid to get rehired. In a 1990 story arc, Bullseye encountered an amnesiac Matt Murdock, and used the opportunity to impersonate Daredevil to commit robberies in an effort to ruin the vigilante’s reputation. His role in Daredevil Season 3 would seem to combine that arc with the seminal "Born Again" storyline, in which Fisk hired a violent psychiatric patient to masquerade as Daredevil, in hopes of framing Matt Murdock for murder and draw him out of hiding.

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Bethel was rumored to be playing Bullseye as far back as May, which was bolstered by a photo of a Season 3 crew jacket depicting the assassin's familiar logo. Netflix finally tipped its hand on Thursday, with the release of cast details that listed Bethel as Benjamin Poindexter, an alias used by Bullseye in the comics.

Arriving Friday, Oct. 19, on Netflix, Marvel's Daredevil Season 3 stars Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Joanne Whaley, Vincent D’Onofrio and Wilson Bethel.

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