Joe Quesada Debuts Daredevil Season 3 Teaser Art

Netflix and Marvel Television have yet to announce when, exactly, we'll see the arrival of Daredevil's third season on the streaming service, but with the release of Season 2 of Jessica Jones just around the corner, it's likely we'll soon find out.

In the meantime, Marvel's Chief Creative Officer and fan-favorite comic book artist Joe Quesada has something to whet fans' appetites. The former editor-in chief of Marvel Comics has released a new illustration he created to promote Daredevil Season 3.

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The image, which Quesada shared via his Twitter account, features the hero in his now-familiar costume, leaping from the top of a building. The Hell's Kitchen architecture is where the art gets really fun, with the building taking the shape of a roman numeral III, signifying the series' third season and evoking the work of Will Eisner. Eisner, of course, was well known for his intricate and dramatic title pages for The Spirit, in which he would form words and numbers out of panels, buildings and sometimes even characters.

Taking it a step further, the building's windows sport three air conditioning units, while the street signs celebrate the Marvel/Netflix partnership. Meanwhile, Matt Murdock's alter ego's initials are represented on top of the building, like a stylized billboard advertising his imminent return.

The Defenders‘ closing scenes hinted that the third season of Daredevil could borrow elements from “Born Again,” the seminal story arc in which Kingpin learns Matt Murdock’s secret identity and systematically dismantles his life. While Sin-Eater doesn’t play a role in that arc within the comics, he could possibly be taking over for the character of Nuke, who played a critical role in the first season of Jessica Jones.

Though a specific release date for Daredevil Season 3 has not been announced, the series will return in 2018. Marvel's latest Netflix series, Jessica Jones, returns for its second season this Thursday, March 8.

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