'Daredevil' #'s 41 - 43 to be collected in 'Must Have' volume

Official Press Release

Last month Marvel offered its first MUST HAVES collection of consecutiveissues from one title (VENOM - ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33-36), and comic shopsresponded with record orders. Hearing its fans and retailer partners loudand clear, this month Marvel is pleased to offer the latest low-cost MustHaves compilation, MARVEL MUST HAVES: DAREDEVIL (JAN035084 D), collectingDAREDEVIL #41-43, the first three chapters of the currentcritically-acclaimed "LOWLIFE" story arc.

"Response to the 25-cent DAREDEVIL #41 has been tremendous, with peoplechecking the issue out because of the attention generated by the movie andthe USA TODAY review, and then discovering the work of writer Brian Bendisand artist Alex Maleev," said Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Issue-in,issue-out, DAREDEVIL is one of the best comic books on the stands of anygenre. MARVEL MUST HAVES: DAREDEVIL was created to give new readers justcatching on to that fact an opportunity to continue with the story startedin issue #41, and with the series as it heads to its next big story arc,"HARDCORE".

"I'm so excited about this collection because ever since we announced MattMurdock would be outted as Daredevil by the tabloids, people kept waitingfor the trick finish or easy way out," added Brian Bendis. "What theseissues illustrate is that we have no intention of doing anything like that,so I'm thrilled that people are looking for them and want to continuingfollowing the story!"

The 80-page MARVEL MUST-HAVE: DAREDEVIL (JAN035084 D) is available for orderimmediately from Diamond and has an on-sale date of 3/19 and a cover priceof $3.99. DAREDEVIL #45, concluding the "LOWLIFE" storyline, goes on sale3/26 and has a Final Order Cut-off (OIC) date of Thursday, 3/6.

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