Daredevil Returns To "New Avengers"

This fall, the Marvel Universe's street-level superteam will get an injection of blind justice.

USA Today has word that writer Brian Michael Bendis will set the Man Without Fear - AKA Daredevil - on a path towards redemption with his fellow Marvel U superheroes as he joins "New Avengers" with September's issue #16. The book will come in advance of the long-awaited "Daredevil: End of Days" mini series written by Bendis and David Mack with art by Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkiewicz and Alex Maleev.

In an article steeped in Marvel Universe lore including the blind swashbuckling hero's recent fall from grace in the "Shadowland" event series, Bendis explained that "Daredevil, particularly - and I'm to fault for this as anybody - is never really involved in any of the big events. His story line just never lines up with Skrulls or whatever the hell else we're doing. It was nice to get him in line for an Avengers team, but at the same time have him involved in some of this crazy mishegas we've got going on."

Daredevil briefly appeared at the beginning of the first "New Avengers" series which was the start of Bendis' half decade run with the superteam, however his time with Earth's Mightiest Heroes has been very brief.

The new story however, drawn by regular "New Avengers" artist Mike Deodato, will see Matt Murdock mix it up again with the like of Ms. Marvel and Iron Fist. "He needs to rediscover his relationships with the other Marvel characters, and the New Avengers team is filled with a lot of characters he has a lot of history with - some good history and some bad history, and that makes for what we writers call 'awesome drama,'" Bendis said.

For more, check out USA Today, and stay tuned to CBR for all the news on the future of Daredevil and the New Avengers.

UPDATED: Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with the following press release offering more information.

Official Press Release

With the chaos of Fear Itself running rampant on the Marvel Universe, there's only one man who can help the New Avengers in their fight, Daredevil - the Man Without Fear! That's right True Believer, this September courtesy of Marvel Architects Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato, the guardian devil himself finally joins the ranks of Earth's Mightiest in New Avengers #16! But is the assistance of Matt Murdock be enough to help the New Avengers make it out in one piece? The Man Without Fear enlists in the fight against the God of Fear in New Avengers #16!

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