Daredevil Confirms Matt Murdock Is the Worst Superhero Ever

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WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Daredevil#11, by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Nolan Woodard and VC's Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

In the Marvel Universe, and comics in general, the concept of a flawed protagonist holds a certain appeal, since it makes things relatable for audiences. Whether it be straight-up superheroes such as Superman or Captain America, or shadowy vigilantes like Batman, Moon Knight, Black Widow and the Punisher, cracks in the armor make for more interesting heroes and intriguing reads.

However, there comes a point where repeated bad decisions just can't be excused anymore. In the case of Matt Murdock, the crime-fighter formerly known as Daredevil has confirmed he's legitimately the worst superhero ever in Daredevil #11.

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The present arc focuses on a weary Matt who's quit being Daredevil and is trying to work on small cases for the underprivileged while Kingpin's gone clean as mayor and new vigilantes pop up copying Matt. However, he seemingly is disinterested in all of that and has left Wilson Fisk to his own devices and trusts the cops will solve the new Daredevil issue on the block, although he's admittedly torn about taking more action.

Any hopes of intervention go out the window, though, with Matt's newfound affair with Mindy Libris of the famous Libris crime family in Hell's Kitchen. They waged war on the Irish decades ago to become a powerhouse, and this led to Mindy marrying in as the wife of Tom, a key cog in his mom's empire. She feels like she's part of the wheel, sadly, and is now trying to escape with her daughter, Belle. However, instead of turning down her advances when she speaks of her mistakes, Matt begins sleeping with her. Things come to a head when they start discussing the prospect of legitimately being together, even though it's a whirlwind romance. However, Matt admits that he isn't up to the task of being a stepdad to Mindy's son, and Mindy's family hates him for his legal efforts, which limit the relationship's long-term viability.

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With their fling, Matt is taking advantage of Mindy's vulnerability, and he doesn't come off well in this situation at all. Additionally, he's going through another crisis of faith, even seeking help from Reed Richards along the way, and reconnecting with Elektra, who wants to be his new mentor. When you factor all this into the mix, plus Matt's senses being dulled and him killing a young criminal a few months ago, one has to wonder why he's not taking time off to look after his mental health just as much as his physical.

But all this really is typical for Matt, and it's time we stop making excuses. Matt has a history of preying on women in positions of vulnerability. From his relationships with Elektra and Karen Page to Dakota North, Milly Donovan and Heather Glenn, Matt has engaged in suspect relationships that have inadvertently marked his girlfriends for death on more than one occasion.

He hasn't learned his lesson and by roping them into flings, and he's placing them in so much danger. Fisk still has an eye on him, we don't know if or when the Hand or the Beast will come for him in another Shadowland scenario. Plus, he still has the baggage of wanting to be Daredevil weighing on his mind.

Matt should be cleaning up his act and taking care of himself, especially since his secrets have a tendency to be spilled. In this case, Mindy's life and her kid's are on the line because Tony has been abusive towards them before, and thanks to Matt's selfish nature, they could be facing the wrath of the Libris family soon enough.

Daredevil #12 goes on sale Oct. 12.

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