That's Really What Happened to the Old Blind Man That Matt Murdock Saved?

In Remember to Forget, we spotlight comic book stories that I wish I could forget, but I can’t, so I instead share them with you all!

Today, we look at the bizarre revelations given in the comics as to what happened to the old blind man that Matt Murdock saved when he was a kid!

My old pal, Matt D., who goes all the way back to my days writing about comic books on the Prodigy message boards in the early 1990s, asked me, "Here's a question that's not quite as good but that struck me as I was catching up to the first issue of the new Daredevil series. It's yet another one I should probably know but that I'm blanking on:

Has anyone ever done a story specifically about the old man that Daredevil saved by pushing him out of the way of the truck?"

Sadly, even though I read the story that addressed the old blind man that Matt saved, I must have forgotten it and, well, there's good reason for that. This plot point is weeeeeeeeird.

Okay, everything starts, of course, in 1964's Daredevil #1 (by Bill Everett, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko), where we see the origin of the young man (according to the math in this issue, then Daredevil is supposed to be just 22 years old when his series begins. That's kind of crazy, right? He doesn't seem remotely that young) that would grow up to be Daredevil.

As you can see, Battlin' Jack Murdock pushed his son to be careful with life, but a hero like Matt Murdock can't be slowed down by stuff like that, so he of course rushes into help an old blind man when he is about to be hit by a truck...

The radioactive material ends up giving Daredevil superpowers while also blinding him in the process.

Now, obviously, Matt's selflessness really is the important of this story. It doesn't matter WHO he saved, the important thing is that Matt is the type of guy who would risk everything to save a total stranger.

However, this being comic books, it couldn't be long before we learned that the blind old man who Matt saved had his own secrets!

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