Daredevil: Marvel Has Introduced the Heroic Counterpart to The Hand

Matt Murdock is clearly in disbelief, as this new information pends his previous assumption that the Order was were just a men's club. He quickly realizes they're actually something akin to the Knights Templar, undertaking a mission similar to what the Hand's been doing for generations on the down low, only operating in the shadows while fighting for the Light against a myriad of supernatural threats.

Jordan further reveals the Order dates all the way back to 1408, in Hungary. The organization eventually grew past medieval battles and moved onto fighting vampires, zombies, Yetis and Nazi-created monsters, even boasting the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing in its ranks at one point. However, the Order has never been large in number like its ancient ninja counterpart, something which admittedly limits Jordan's abilities as the head of the New York outpost. Still, like the Hand, it perseveres as a covert ops military unit, taking its duty to save the world very seriously.

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And so, the Order follows a rejuvenated Daredevil into battle against the same army he's fought against, and even allied himself with, for years on end. Armed with jet-packs and chain armor, the Order (whose full name still hasn't really been explained) swiftly set to the task of killing off members of the Hand. The numbers game works against them, in the end, however, and Matt, armed with Father Jordan's sword, ends up running headlong into a trap, leaving Foggy Nelson and the mayor's team worried about his health at issue's end.

With Mayor Fisk shockingly coming out of his coma-like state on the final page, things are certainly heating up for the next issue. Thanks to the Beast laying this trap for Matt, it seems he'll have to call up the group of villains he recently pardoned from prison for help (more or less a dark version of Heroes for Hire), or hope the Order's Knights have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

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As the polar opposite to the Hand, it wouldn't exactly be a major surprise if the Order is revealed to have some sort of mystical weapon ready to bring into play. Because as their history shows, after all those centuries of protecting the world, they have plenty o hidden secrets of their own with which help turn the tide in great wars. Given Daredevil's current predicament, he's going to be in desperate need of the Order to unleash whatever it has hidden in the shadows sooner rather than later.

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