Daredevil: Marvel Has Introduced the Heroic Counterpart to The Hand

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Daredevil #604 by Charles Soule, Mike Henderson, Matt Milla and Clayton Cowles.

For months, Charles Soule has been deconstructing Matt Murdock piece by piece, not in terms of the vigilante who roams Hell's Kitchen at night, but the man under the mask trying to save New York's soul. In doing so, he's made the lawyer more of a symbol, one that's much more prominent in the light, or in Matt's case, the daytime. The man who secretly patrols Hell's Kitchen as Daredevil has been acting as mayor in an injured Wilson Fisk's stead, and somehow he's once more found himself attempting to rescue New York City from the clutches of the Hand.

After their demonic leader, the Beast, sent a poisonous gas flowing through the streets of the entire city, incapacitating everyone especially Matt with his heightened senses, a mysterious figure has emerged as New York's savior. But this isn't your typical superhero -- it's someone who Matt's recently been confessing to: Father Jordan.

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In Daredevil #608, the priest's purpose comes sharply into focus, and not just because he revives Matt and gifts the horned-crimefighter an army of his own in the Order of the Dragon, rather, it's because it turns out the Order is essentially the heroic counterpart to the Hand, helping to cleanse the world for centuries instead of trying to rule or destroy it.

Father Jordan had briefly mentioned the Order of the Dragon in passing in 2017's Daredevil #16 when speaking to Matt about heroes who fought on the side of righteousness in the past, and how they helped define the fate of the planet. It seemed like just another parable or history lesson at the time, but as we now come to find out, it's much bigger than a mere myth.

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The Order's not just real, it may turn out to be Matt's saving grace -- literallyThe priest goes about exorcising Matt, expunging the poison from his soul, and reveals he has 20 good men to join the hero in battling the evil ninja sect.

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