The 10 Most Powerful Villains Daredevil Has Ever Faced

Daredevil has certainly had his share of villainous characters take up his time, but that's never too much to ask for The Man Without Fear. Despite Daredevil's name and costume, he is, in fact, a Catholic boy doing good onto Hell's Kitchen, but he can still never seem to catch a break.

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Although Matt Murdock has fought off his fair share of villains, his worst enemy at times has been himself, but we're not gonna insert Daredevils on a list of his own rogues gallery! That aside, with the long list of lethal villains he's encountered, we've gone and ranked the 10 most powerful of the bunch.

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10 The Purple Man

Starting off this list we have Zebediah Killgrave, otherwise known as The Purple Man. Killgrave made his first-ever appearance in Daredevil #4 where he managed to pull off one of the smartest bank robberies in Marvel history. The Purple Man used his cunning mind control powers to rob a bank by simply walking up to the teller and having her fill a bag with $100 bills. Although this may not sound all that tough, it just goes to show how incredible his mind control can be. Additionally, his tactics have also gotten a lot more abhorrent over the years, making him quite a threat.

9 The Beast

Beast Of The Hand

The Beast is notorious for having possessed Matt Murdock during one of his darkest days. This all came about when Murdock attempted to use The Hand clan, which The Beast was a part of, as a force for good rather than fighting against them. However, it didn't take much time before his entire being could be manipulated. The demonic forces that overtook Daredevil's soul show just how powerful a threat they were to Murdock, solidifying their spot on this list.

8 Nuke


When it comes to experiments gone wrong, Nuke is probably the best example for that. The Vietnam veteran was constructed by a government that turned him into an absolute lethal threat. Nuke, who soon became an unstable fighting machine, was practically made into a cyborg and capable of endless evil. With a bulletproof exterior, excellent combat skills and two hearts, it is almost fitting that he was created with absolutely no soul.

Nuke is best known for this appearance in Daredevil: Born Again, where he was manipulated through the mood altering red, white, and blue pills. A cyborg with virtually no soul is definitely a contender for most powerful villain Daredevil has ever faced.

7 Mr. Fear

Mr Fear

Despite Daredevil being incapable of feeling fear, Mr. Fear's villainous powers revolve around inciting fear in anything and that was enough to shake Murdock to his very core. Zoltan Drago, who is the original Mr. Fear, made his first-ever appearance in Daredevil #6 and performed one of the most asinine acts against Daredevil that changed the game forever. This version of Mr. Fear took Murdock's ex-wife, Mia Donovan, and overdosed her with a fear inhibiting drug that ultimately led her to take a completely innocent life, which tortured Daredevil in the worst of ways.

6 The Punisher

Although The Punisher didn't make his first appearance in Daredevil, but rather The Amazing Spider-Man #129, he is still one of the top villains to go head to head with Murdock. The two have fought many times in the past and he certainly knows how to give Daredevil a run for his money. With multi-disciplinary training from the Marine Corps and extensive knowledge of military weaponry, The Punisher is easily one of the strongest fighters in the Marvel Universe.

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In addition to his combat skills, he is highly trained in infiltration, which comes in handy when it comes to assassinations, captures and military intelligence. If that doesn't sound threatening enough, then we aren't sure what will.

5 Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary

Coming in at number five is Typhoid Mary, and with a name like that, you know you are in for a whirlwind of a ride. As a mutant with three distinct personnalities that all have different types of powers, Typhoid Mary is not only one of the most powerful villains in Daredevil's rogues gallery, but in the entire Marvel Universe! Despite her having a kind and sweet alter ego, Mary Walker, it's best to take cover when Typhoid or Bloody Mary show up. For those of you that remember, Typhoid Mary and Daredevil were an item once upon a time, however, it wasn't until her personality disorder tore the two apart, leading to her villainous life, that she became a massive menace for Daredevil.

4 Elektra


Elektra Natchios, Matt's ex-girlfriend turned assassin-for-hire, is without question someone that could drive Matt Murdock absolutely crazy. Elektra is undoubtedly the love of Daredevil's life and, although he has gone through quite a roster of women, no one has been able to have as big an effect on him as Elektra. Despite the two making a great couple, Elektra decided to take on a life of killing and, although she has had an opportunity or two to redeem herself, she's managed to commit merciless crime after merciless crime, marking her as a threat to be reckoned with.

3 The Hand

Daredevil The Hand Ninjas

Although The Hand is a group, rather than a single character, they have indisputably earned their spot on the list. The Hand is notorious for using supernatural powers and magic against their opponents, which often times is Daredevil. On numerous occasions, Daredevil has attempted to fight against them, reason with them, and even take over their clan by leading them, however, he hasn't had much luck yet. Sadly for Matt, The Hand continues to torture Daredevil with their many never-ending lethal techniques.

2 The Kingpin

The Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk, was introduced in the Amazing Spider-Man series back in 1967, but has become equally important in Daredevil's rogues gallery. The two first faced off against one another under Frank Miller's stewardship in the 1980s, and they've had a love-hate relationship ever since. Fisk first learned about Murdock's true identity in Born Again, which led Fisk on a rampage to destroy every aspect of Daredevil's life.

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The two have gone at each other so many times that it has not only led to hospitalization numerous times, but has led Murdock to the brink of insanity for years and years, making The Kingpin one of the most powerful villains to endlessly torture Daredevil.

1 Bullseye

Bullseye has brought Daredevil to hell and back many times, which easily qualifies him as the worst kind of villain Murdock has ever faced. Not only has Bullseye taken out two of Daredevil's love interests, Elektra and Karen Page, but he did so with pleasure, making him quite the sadistic villain. Despite Daredevil's efforts to destroy Bullseye, he appears to be impervious to both Murdock and justice in general. Bullseye has managed to escape from any prison he's found himself in and has made it his mission to agonize Daredevil with every opportunity he gets.

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