Daredevil's Former Showrunner Wants a Kingpin Miniseries

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The success of Marvel's Netflix dramas is thanks in no small part to Steven S. DeKnight, who served as showunner for Daredevil's first season. He departed after the first season for other projects, including Pacific Rim Uprising, but now he's surprised viewers by announcing interest in returning to the world he helped build, to tell a specific story.

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In response to a tweet in which a fan expressed hope that DeKnight would follow Wilson Fisk actor Vincent D'Onofrio back to Daredevil, the director/producer said he'd be interested in making a miniseries based on the Kingpin-focused Daredevil comic book storyline "Return of the King."

For those unfamiliar, "Return of the King" was a five-part Marvel Comics arc written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Michael Lark and David Aja that followed Fisk as he returned from abroad to avenge the deaths of his love interest and her children. The plot saw an unlikely team-up between Kingpin and Daredevil as the two took on Lady Bullseye and the Hand.

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The pieces are certainly there for a miniseries based that storyline: Kingpin is obviously around, albeit in prison, and his love interest on the show, Vanessa, is still among the living, so it'd be easy to see something at least loosely based on Brubaker's tale. Time will tell if Marvel and Netflix are open to the idea. DeKnight's next big project, Pacific Rim Uprising, hits theaters on March 23, 2018.

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